Lust List: February 2018

It seems that the weather is currently all over the place. Not only have there been major dips and spikes in the temperature in Houston, but when I flew to New York earlier this week, it was seventy five degrees in Houston and there was still snow on the ground in New York after the winter storm they had over the weekend. Considering I was only there for one night and only packed a carry-on, the huge difference in temperature made packing a little tricky. I have a lot of travel coming up this year between various work engagements and then this fall, with my book tour, so I am currently looking for chic pieces that work in a variety of climates, travel well, and can go from day to night. You’ll find that this month’s Lust List is filled with timeless neutrals, chic silhouettes, as well as plenty of tiequite a few workhorse pieces that are ideal for traveling. I find that a great jacket is a must when flying since airplanes can get pretty chilly and I know that I will look pulled together when I land in case I have to go directly to a meeting once I arrive. 

Lust List: January 2018

Can you believe how cold it is? The weather in Atlanta was brutal while we were there this weekend. The temperatures were in the 20s, but with the wind chill, the news said it felt like 7 degrees. It was brutal! Houston just got a big cold front and a “winter storm” yesterday. The roads are iced over and we’ve had some sleet and snow. I’m sure it seems like child’s play to our friends in other parts of the country who experience real winters, but Houstonians can’t handle it, so the city just shuts down essentially. I love winter clothes, but I am ready for milder temperatures! As a result, this month’s Lust List is filled with cozy warm weather staples like coats and a few great jackets, but you’ll find some fabulous transitional pieces as well for those living in milder climates or who are planning to travel to slightly warmer locales. You’ll notice there are quite a few chic bags on my list this month. It wasn’t intentional, but there are so many fun new designs that I have recently came across. What are you in the mood for this month? Are you relishing winter or are you also dreaming of warmer temperatures and an escape to someplace sunny and warm?

Lust List: December 2017

I am totally guilty of shopping for myself as I’ve bought gifts for everyone on my list this year. One for you, one for me! I am going through a phase where I feel like I have nothing to wear and desperately need to clean out my closet yet again. Does this happen to you? I keep mostly timeless classics in my closet and wear clothes in a mostly neutral palette, but every now and then, I feel like I need a closet revamp. I also have to share a closet with my husband in our new house, which isn’t ideal, so I am hoping to have a closet expert come in and reconfigure our situation in order to help us maximize our space and stay organized. Hopefully, that will help me make room for some new pieces from this month’s lust list! 

Lust List: October 2017

After being in New York, Paris, and High Point, NC over the course of the past few weeks, I have finally gotten a taste of fall and am ready for some chic, new pieces to add to my fall wardrobe. This month, I am craving pretty blouses, cozy sweaters, structured bags, stylish boots and flats, and great jackets that work year-round. With so many items on my wish list this month, it’s probably a good thing that my birthday is only a couple of weeks away! 

{Image via Vogue France}

Lust List: September 2017

We are well into September, but sadly, it still feels like summer in Houston with temperatures in the 90s. I was surprised that it was just as hot and muggy while I was in New York last week! I am really looking forward to being back in Paris next week, not just because I love the city and am so excited to go antiquing with the Huff Harrington gals, but because they actually have Fall weather there. I can’t wait to wear sweaters and boots! Since it may be a while before I get to wear a sweater here at home, I am currently all about great pieces that can easily transition from one season to the next and will be adding touches of fall to my outfits through great shoes, bags, and accessories until the air actually turns crisp.