In the Mood: November 2017

{Veere Greeney}

I just love green! I especially love the rich hues like moss, olive, and chartreuse, more so than brighter colors like emerald and kelly green. Rich green tones can go masculine or feminine, modern or traditional. I don’t know that I have just one favorite color. I love black, white, pink, but green is right up there, too. It is a color that always inspires me. I find it to be chic, versatile, and enduring. I’ve been using green quite a bit in client projects lately and even have a #GreenisGood hashtag that I often use on Instagram. Whether you commit to it fully, decorating an entire room from floor to ceiling in a beautiful hue of green or if you prefer it in small doses as an accent color, it is virtually impossible to go wrong with such a tasteful, classic color. Since my birthday is in November, this month’s mood is all about one of my very favorite colors– ultra-chic moss green.

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On My Bookshelf: Fall Must-Haves

My birthday is on Saturday and just the other day, my husband asked me what he should get me as a gift. I honestly couldn’t think of anything other than books, trips, or things that are slightly ridiculous! I am legitimately addicted to books and have always been fascinated by them. One of my favorite memories from my childhood is of my mom taking me to the public library every couple of weeks. I would peruse the shelves and fill up my big canvas bag with books upon books to devour at home. When I was growing up, I knew that as an adult, I would be happy if I had two simple things: a house filled with books and the ability to travel often. I am grateful to say that I have both.

The thing about addictions is that you always want more, so I am always thinking about the next place to visit, and I am constantly ordering books online. This fall promises to be quite fruitful in terms of inspiring new books in the design, fashion, and entertaining categories. I am planning to order so many wonderful new titles including a slew of gorgeous, new design books. There are so many titles that will be released this fall that I cannot wait to get my hands on! What will you be reading this fall?

Words of Wisdom: Oscar de la Renta

Happy Monday! Since I have scaled back on the frequency with which I share inspiring quotes, I have decided to rename the “This Week’s Quote” series to “Words of Wisdom” from now on. Last weekend, Fabian and I went to the new “The Glamour and Romance of Oscar de la Renta” exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, which was beautiful and inspiring. The gift shop had a tee for sale with this quote by Oscar de la Renta on it and I thought these words of wisdom were most definitely worth sharing. Have a wonderful week!

{Photography via my Instagram @LaDolceVitaBlog}

Chic Composition

betsy brown

Lately, I have been very mindful of beautifully curated interiors– those whose composition blends form and function to look a step above rooms that are decorated in a more traditional sense. The furniture is arranged in a slightly unexpected way, there is a blend of antique and modern, masculine and feminine, polished and organic, neutrals and color– creating the tension that is necessary for creating a truly special space.

Interior designer, Betsy Brown of Mountain Brook, Alabama excels at curating beautiful spaces. All of the elements are there and each room is composed in such a striking, memorable way. On her website, Betsy describes her design sensibility in a way that captures the essence of a beautifully curated interior: “Modernist sensibilities form the foundation while antiquities inform and balance, providing a delicate tension and subtle energy. The result is a home that genuinely reflects one true nature.” By the way, there is so much incredible design talent in Alabama. I was there for the first time a couple of weeks ago, but Hurricane Nate cut my trip short. I can’t wait to go back and see more!

betsy brown2

betsy brown3

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{Images via Betsy Brown Interiors}

From the Archives: An Elegant Napa Valley Home

mcalpine napa

Note from Paloma: Hi, everyone! I am currently in San Francisco for a design trip with Zephyr Ventilation. Today, we are spending the day in my beloved Napa Valley which as you know, has recently been affected by the terrible wildfires in this area. At first, I was trepidatious about going. Would the air quality bring back my bronchitis? Would it be insensitive to go to Napa on a design trip? However, the organizers of our trip have emphasized that the winery owners and restauranteurs who we will be visiting today are encouraging people to come to the Valley. Having seen several restaurants close in Houston as a result of a drop in business after Hurricane Harvey, I certainly understand how important consistent patronage is to the wonderful people working in the vineyards, wineries, restaurants, and hotels in Napa Valley, so I am happy to be going after all. You can come along with me by following @LaDolceVitaBlog and #NapaStrong #NapaValleySpirit on Instagram. For now, please enjoy this beautiful home tour by Rela Gleason whose beautiful Calistoga home was thankfully spared by the fires and who has done a wonderful job of sharing ways to help those affected on her Instagram.

{The Beautiful Living Room}

From the Archive: Napa Valley is a very special place for Fabian and I and in recent years, we have established a tradition of visiting twice a year. I have no doubt we will return in 2016! Our trips there have opened my eyes to a refined, yet relaxed way of life, and in turn, a similar design aesthetic. Everything in Napa is about quality and meaning. Luxury is not as overt or showy as it is in other places, but it is ever-present in the details and subtleties that make it so special. This beautiful home, a collaboration between the homeowner, Rela Gleason who designed the interiors with the architecture designed by McAlpine Tankersley exudes the effortless elegance I have come to associate with Napa. The stunning architecture is instantly identifiable as McAlpine Tankersley, but it certainly honors a sense of place for this Calistoga home. There is an indoor/outdoor approach in the flow of the space as well as many natural elements and textures– stucco, wood, stone– within the home. The interiors designed by Rela are classic Californian, bringing to mind great designers of the Golden State like Michael Taylor, Suzanne Tucker, and Rose Tarlow.

mcalpine napa3

{Stunning Lacquered Chinese Cabinets Flank the Dining Room}

mcalpine napa4

{The kitchen’s three islands are constantly in use when the homeowners’ children and grandchildren come to visit.}

mcalpine napa5

{The sunroom features a rustic, stone fireplace.}

mcalpine napa6

{Notice the striking red-cedar paneling in the library.}

mcalpine napa7

{The master bedroom features a custom-made, bronze bed along with a limestone fireplace, and gorgeous antique suzani from Suzanne Tucker Home.}

mcalpine napa8

{Stone salvaged while digging the home’s foundation was used to create an outdoor shower just off the master bedroom.}

mcalpine napa9

{Belgian-Inspired Simplicity in the Master Bathroom}

mcalpine napa10

{The Focal Point in the Master Bathroom is the Chic Concrete Soaking Tub}

mcalpine napa11

{This Guest Bedroom includes a Canopy Bed and a Variety of Antiques}

mcalpine napa12

{The Glorious View from the Flagstone-Lined Pool}

mcalpine napa13

{It doesn’t get more idyllic than driving through the vineyards in a 1949 Chevrolet Pickup with a sweet lab! On second thought, my dream would be driving through the vineyards in a vintage Land Rover Defender with my number one pup, Tate!}

Please consider visiting the Napa Valley and Sonoma in the near future to show your support. You can also find 8 Things You Can Do for Napa and Sonoma Fire Victims here.

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{Photography by Roger Davies for Architectural Digest}